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Please use this form to submit a new EAACI Membership application only

  • If you would like to update your EAACI Membership profile please login to the Members Area and use the Membership Profile Management form in the section My Membership -> My Profile.
  • If you were previously an EAACI Member and you would like to re-activate your Membership, please contact member@eaaci.org (Do not send a new application).

Membership Fees

EAACI Membership fee is based on the average per capita income of each country according to the World Bank Report. Members from a country with a GNP of less than USD 10,000 will receive a 50% reduction on the EAACI Membership fee, including full Membership benefits.

  • Regular annual Membership fee: 150.00 EUR
  • Annual fee for countries with GNI less than USD10,000: 75.00 EUR
  • Junior fee: Free
  • Junior fee with printed Journals subscription: 60.00 EUR
  • EAACI Allied Health IG fee: 75.00 EUR (40.00 EUR for countries with GNI less than USD10,000)
  • * Junior membership types are available for people aged 35 or less
  • ** 7.7% VAT will be added for Swiss residents
  • *** The term of each subscription starts from the registration date and ends on December 31 of the year in which the registration has been made.
  • **** Members who apply for and pay their membership fee after 1 October 2019, will have full membership status until 31 December 2020.
  • ***** Please find more information about Membership types and benefits here

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Dual Membership Agreements

EAACI offers discounts on (regular) membership fees for members of:

  • AAAAI (American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology) - 20% discount
  • European Rhinologic Society - 10% discount
  • European Respiratory Society - 30% discount
  • ACAAI (American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology) - 20% discount
If you would like to apply for Dual Membership please indicate which partner society you are a member of by ticking the corresponding box and fill-in your valid membership number.
AAAAI Number
European Respiratory Society Number
European Rhinologic Society Number
ACAAI Number

National Allergy Society (NAS) Dual Membership

The EAACI National Allergy Society (NAS) Dual Membership will be available to all current members of a respective national society who are in good standing. These individuals are entitled to a fee of 30 EUR for the annual EAACI membership. If you would like to apply please indicate which National Allergy Society you are a member of and fill-in your valid national society membership number. Please note that the national society has to confirm if the member is in a good standing for each calendar year. For this purpose, annually data is shared between EAACI and the National Allergy Society.

Important information:
Please be aware that EAACI NAS Dual members are not benefit of the membership rates on registration fees for the EAACI Annual Congress, as per the signed agreement between EAACI and the corresponding National Allergy Society. View the membership benefits by clicking here.

Please fill in your NAS membership number

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To pay your annual Membership fee you can choose either Credit Card payment or Bank Transfer.
  • Bank Transfer: you will receive our bank details by e-mail. Please note that all bank fees need to be settled by the payee.
  • Credit Card: it is possible to pay by Visa or Mastercard. You may be asked by the issuer of your card to enter a password to verify that the transaction is authorised by the card owner before completion of the payment process (3-D Secure technology).
Your application will be processed after we receive your annual membership fee. If we do not receive your annual membership fee within four weeks from the date of your application submission, your application will be automatically deleted. In the exceptional event of membership application refusal, your Membership fee will be refunded immediately.

When registering as a Junior Member, you will be asked by e-mail to send EAACI a copy of yourID/Passport for age verification.

By submitting this form, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the Terms mentioned above and to the EAACI Privacy Notice.

Payment Option

EAACI Journal and Newsletter Access

Automatic Online Access
An important benefit of being an EAACI Member* is your access to the official EAACI journals Allergy and Pediatric Allergy and Immunology (PAI), as well as the quarterly EAACI Newsletter.
All members automatically have 24/7 access to these resources online. (Instructions on how to log-in)
*Note for Junior Members (JMs) – the small fee of €60 is required to receive the Allergy and PAI.

Printed Access
As part of the EAACI Goes Green Initiative, our policy is to provide online access as standard, rather than printed copies, in order to reduce our environmental CO2 impact from printing and transportation. Should you wish to receive the printed versions, we ask you kindly to opt-in by clicking below. Please ensure your delivery address is kept updated under your membership profile.

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